isometric island environment
snowy environment painting
part of an external mobile game pitch for History Channel's "Planet H"
mock-up for an endless runner mobile game concept
modular building concepts, in-game environment paintover and reusable assets, biome exploration. Magic Fuel Games' "Fort Stars"

graveyard concepts, color mood paintover (3D model by Elliot Picarello)
exploration for a spell that confines affected unit(s) to a limited space
various door frames, magical doors, heavy/strong doors
raid party airship (design kept simple due to how many one would see at a time,) store airship
weapon and armor iterations
runemaster ability concepts and final ability cards, status effects for fear/rage/virus, various vfx exploration

map paint-overs to explore new environments/world for Epic Games' "Battle Breakers"
props for hud and iconography exploration for Epic Games' "Battle Breakers"